#159: Why Your Marketing Campaign Needs Market Research


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Founder of Bixa, Sarah Weise, is a firm believer that market research is an investment –– not an expense.

On today's podcast, Sarah showcases how market research can help to protect your company, please loyal customers and validate your latest steps towards product development.

Why are we speaking about this now?

Market research is especially important during coronavirus –– termed by Weise as a hostile intruder –– as it helps firms to know which way to pivot and how best to speak to their audience.

Indeed, research can help you to shift your brand voice.

Even a tweak as small as changing your marketing language could make a big impression, taking you from a brand that seems uncaring and unresponsive to one that's sensitive and sincere.

But in such a fast-moving business landscape who has time to wait for data?

Weise's market research firm, Bixa, specialises in rapid customer research, so brands can get to the nitty-gritty of customer behaviour — and fast.

Bixa's new research option will give you in-depth data about your customers –– namely, how to better support them –– in just three days, including the time it takes to recruit participants. From qualitative data to quantitative data and back to qualitative again, Bixa's team uses a sandwich approach to dig up common themes amongst your target audience.

Plus, these themes are far from boring or obvious.

From observing a whole generation on behalf of Google — in order to demystify young people's perplexing search habits — to figuring out that most people brew their first coffee of the day in the bathroom, Bixa has made some interesting findings that have shaped the way major brands market today.

At the heart of it, Sarah shows that companies need to do much more than simply pull the lever on their marketing campaigns or come to a halt during difficult times.

For more information and show notes, head to: https://exposureninja.com/podcast/episode159/

Want to find out more about Sarah and Bixa?

0:00 — About Bixa

4:11 — The rapid research process

9:00 — How to acknowledge coronavirus

12:22 — Thriving during the pandemic

17:04 — About ethnographic research

19:52 — Selfie video diary studies

25:40 — Projective techniques

30:04 — Focus groups

32:24 — Quantitative research

33:21 — Research recruitment

35:30 — Research output

39:00 — Quickfire Q&A

41:41 — Book recommendations

44:36 — How to connect with Sarah

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