BRB (and what's to Come on Season 2)


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We need your help to create Season 2 of Digitally China!

Just got a few short questions for you here:

As many of our loyal listeners might have felt, Digitally China has been taking a short break. But don’t worry, we’ll be coming back with Season 2 in no time.

Throughout the 26 episodes of Season 1 we’ve really appreciated all the support and feedback from our fantastic listeners who have tuned in to the bi-weekly series. Thanks to this feedback, Season 2 of Digitally China will see a few changes. We will fine-tune the format a bit and use each episode to deep-dive even more into the exciting Chinese tech ecosystem.

If you’ve listened to the “The War of a Thousand Groupons” or “From 8 to 800 Million Internet Users,” these episodes give you an idea of the direction we want to take for the new Season 2 — but we still want to hear your thoughts and ideas on what topics to cover and how we can do better.

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