Professor Rory Medcalf: Democracy v Autocracy – Friends, Rivals, Values


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Professor Rory Medcalf is Head of the National Security College at the Australian National University.

A journalist, intelligence agency analyst, diplomat, academic and thinker - Rory is one of the world’s leading experts on geopolitical strategy and his work has contributed to recent Australian government defence policy including the Defence Whit Paper of 2016.

Rory is recognised as a thought leader internationally via his acclaimed 2020 book - Contest for the Indo-Pacific.

Misha Zelinsky caught up with Rory for a chinwag about the US election and why the stakes are so high for Australia, whether the CCP or Russia might pull a move in the case of a litigated US election, how Australia should manage an assertive CCP, why democracies should be more confident in themselves, why minilaterialism is the new multilateralism and why its time Australia got serious about India and Indonesia.

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