Professor Ross Garnaut: Bouncing back from COVID - how renewables can make Australia a manufacturing superpower


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Professor Ross Garnaut is one of Australia’s most distinguished economists and a global expert on climate change, trade, and energy policy. He was Prime Minister Bob Hawke’s principal economic advisor and was Australia’s Ambassador to China. He’s lead many government reviews, including the seminal though ill-fated Garnaut Climate Change Review into carbon emission reduction for the then Rudd Government.

He is the author of many studies and books too numerous to mention, but his recent book - Superpower - details how Australia can make the most of the economic benefits of the upcoming clean energy revolution.

Misha Zelinsky caught up with Ross for a chinwag about the politics of climate change including why Kevin Rudd was unable to pass his emissions trading scheme in 2009 and who was to blame, why COVID-19 shouldn’t distract us from climate change action, why Australia should be the world’s smelter for aluminium and steel and how renewable power can make Australia a manufacturing powerhouse, what the decoupling between the US and China means for Australia’s security, and why we need coordinated global action more than ever.

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