E53: "Stream Unavailable" - Pirate Radio, Vinyl Junkies, and the Gonzo Disc Jockey of YouTube


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In this episode of Dirty History, I sit down with Sam Pennacchio of Vinyl Junkies. At the time of writing this description, Sam has, for the past 230 days, broadcasted pirate radio streams 3-5 hours a night on Youtube and Twitch—no breaks, no gaps, no permission. -- Portuguese Nuggets • The Spirit of Discovery • On Humanizing Technology • An AM Radio Style • Algorithm Fatigue • On Vinyl Junkies • Discovering Music in the Mp3 Era • The Return of Vinyl • On the Ritual of the Record • Duke Ellington at Newport 1956 • The Brill Building and Carole King • Modes of Music Discovery • “What’s over there?” • Music Communities and Inclusivity • The Broken Windows Theory • On Self Censorship • “It’s called pirate radio for a reason” • Get Behind the Mule Learn more about Vinyl Junkies @ https://www.youtube.com/c/VinylJunkies666/featured Dirty History is produced by Muckraker Media Dirty History Theme: Martial Law by Mephisto Felize Show Artwork by Woodrow Cowher

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