We Belong Dead: Episode 75


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Hey there fellow horror junkies! Time to gather ’round the ol’ internet box and give a listen to the newest episode of We Belong Dead. This week we focus on something we’ve talked about throughout the span of this show: double features! These are movies that just pair well together due to things like tone, subject matter, director, etc and we decided to provide you with a solid sampling of some of our favorites.

Also, we’re planning to take things up a notch with the show and hopefully reach our oh so devoted fans a bit easier. With any luck, the next episode will be available on more platforms and therefore more readily available to you! So stay tuned and come along for the ride!

And don’t forget to let us know what song you dug more this episode. Once we get enough songs put together, we will set up a Spotify playlist for some additional listening pleasure!


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