Dive With Data: Season One Recap, with Asha Saxena


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In this first season finale of Dive With Data, Asha Saxena discusses the exciting new technologies and possibilities powering data analytics. Asha recaps what we’ve learned through season one of the podcast and shares her thoughts on how data is being used by corporate and industry leaders to drive a modern business revolution.

What you’ll learn about in this episode:
  • Why Dive With Data is an important platform for Asha to explore the power and potential of data
  • How today’s top businesses are using data as the fuel to drive their explosive growth
  • Why artificial intelligence, deep learning, and blockchain technologies are creating exciting new potential for the future
  • How blockchain is benefiting businesses, consumers, and governments by securing data
  • What questions you should be asking about the data your business has access to
  • Why your organization’s leadership needs to be committed to the appropriate utilization of data
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