316: Truth with a Capital T — Interview with Lauren Sharkey


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Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Lauren J. Sharkey.

Lauren is a writer, teacher, and transracial adoptee. After her birth in South Korea, she was adopted by Irish Catholic parents and raised on Long Island. Her creative nonfiction has appeared in the Asian American Feminist Collective’s digital storytelling project, First Times, as well as several anthologies including I Am Strength! and Women under Scrutiny. Inconvenient Daughter is her debut novel, and is loosely based on her experience as a Korean adoptee.

In this episode Lauren and I discuss:
  • Why she decided to write a novel based on her life instead of a memoir
  • How to not get sued when writing memoir
  • The process that led to creating an unconventional narrative timeline
Plus, her #1 tip for writers.

For more info and show notes: diymfa.com/316

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