322: Heroes, Villains, and Writing a Story That Matters — Interview with Ace Atkins


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Hey there word nerds!

Today, I have the pleasure of interviewing Ace Atkins.

Ace Atkins is the author of twenty-six books, including ten Quinn Colson novels and eight New York Times–bestselling novels in the continuation of Robert B. Parker’s iconic Spenser series.

HBO has optioned the Quinn Colson novels with a series currently in high development and Atkins’ second novel for Robert B. Parker estate, Wonderland, was just made into a film with Mark Wahlberg and Winston Duke.

A former newspaper reporter and SEC football player, Ace Atkins also writes essays and investigative pieces for several publications, including Garden & Gun, the Wall Street Journal and Outside. Today we’ll be talking about his latest Quinn Colson novel: The Revelators

In this episode Ace and I discuss:
  • How his books stand for social justice but are not necessarily political in nature.
  • Why writers should be willing to voice their opinions and take a stand.
  • What makes a character a hero or a villain.
Plus, his #1 tip for writers.

For more info and show notes: diymfa.com/322

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