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Underground Music, Hip-Hop/Rap/MCing, Breakcore, EDM and Metal Disc Jockey with either a much greater emphasis on linguistic inventiveness than mainstream forms or a greater emphasis on the use of extreme profanity and disturbing criminal themes. Starring: Scorpion Frequency, Electric Breathing, Brom:35, NoizeFloor, Dead Beat Project, The Rappists, DJ 2def, Mr.Stabby, Mr. Morder, Jay Omerta, King Keemo, Mr.Siso, The Harmony Society, Kinky Bitch, Dynamic, Frankz Wit A Z, Mista Mead, H3vy Stu, Vicious 5150, RcThaHazard, J-ClaWsin, Lilo Frank, EffeSei, Christyle, DisaJohnny, Scar, Onnis, Marco Tosh, Labo & Yu-Sei. The difference between a pop/top-40/requests DJ and an underground DJ is not that one plays better music than the other or that one is a sellout, or that one is a “musical masturbator”. The difference is in the crowd that they are intended for: searchers vs. discoverers. The “underground” “club” DJ is the kind that wants to educate his crowd… yet another term I’ll use with hesitation. He wants to find a correlation between what he likes and what his crowd responds to, by way of introducing them to music they may not have otherwise heard. He wants to teach and encourage them to find something they didn’t know they needed. Whether it’s the thrashing riffs or either the sampling or the EDM-esque chorus in motion, there is not a second that doesn’t have a catchy sample and jingle part going on. The music is not without its flaws though, some songs are clearly better than others, Not that there is a bad song here. He puts absolutely everything new or remind the listener of past sounds but everything it does, it does well and even great at times. this might as well be the perfect soundtrack for all kind of music. If you're suspicious of this claim, then hijack the jukebox at your local bar or kindly offer to be the DJ at a Halloween party and getting rid of any stylistic barriers to integrated music. The outstanding drums, variety and overall harshness and brevity combining most of the harshest elements of metal with electronic genres, these record creates some outrageously chaotic freak outs from each of its eclectic formula.

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