Eben Kirksey: Inside the Global Race to Genetically Modify Humans


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Hi, my name is Rebecca Tapp and this is The DNA Of Purpose podcast where we explore purpose as a part of who we already are. We showcase awe inspiring stories of the most purpose driven people on the planet with the intention of giving you the tools to step into the potential of who you were always born to be. After all, it's in your DNA.

Today's guest is Eben Kirksey who is the author of The Mutant Project: Inside the Global Race to Genetically Modify Humans. Eben Kirksey is an American anthropologist who specializes in science and justice. The Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, New Jersey, hosted Kirksey for the 2019-2020 academic year, where he finished his latest book: The Mutant Project.

When controversy broke about the world’s first genetically modified babies, Prof. Kirksey spoke about ethics from the main stage of the International Summit on Human Genome Editing in Hong Kong. Over 1.8 million people watched the news unfold from the Summit in real-time, as Dr. Jiankui He revealed the details of his CRISPR experiment.

Strap yourself in for a conversation that journeys through the DNA of a scientist whose mission is to balance the fine line between purpose driven innovation that advances humanity, versus innovation fueled by profit, power, or profile. This is a game where the risks are so high, yet the opportunity is undeniably magnetizing.

Personal website: https://eben-kirksey.space/

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