Josh Stinton: When Purpose Becomes An Extreme Adventure


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Welcome to another episode of the Decoding Purpose Podcast.

We often hear people say that they have put themselves on the line for a project, for a passion or even for a purpose. We talk about the courage, the commitment and the certainty it takes to show up, speak up or stand out. Yet only a rare few understand what it takes to put your body on the line, or to take yourself outside of your comfort zone, and not many have road tested the manner in which having a sense purpose can inspire you to do things that others would say was simply not possible - or even crazy.

Today's guest is one of those people. His name is Josh Stinton and he is otherwise known as the Charity Adventurer. So what does a charity adventurer do? Josh takes on epic challenges all over the world to help small charities help children in need.

These challenges include doing a 90 kilometre cross country race in Sweden despite having never skied once before the start line. With only 4 months to learn to unicycle, representing Australia in the worlds largest down-mountain unicycle race (MUNI) in Spain.

Taking on the "the hardest mountain bike race in the world" held in the Arctic in far northern Norway. This race, 700 kilometres long, only had 2 designated 4 hour resting areas. In the podcast Josh even talks about experiencing hallucinations.

As if that's not enough he has hand-cycled the length of Japan, and executed a crazy vision to cycle across the Atlantic Ocean! Unbelievably I'm pretty sure I have left some challenges on this list, and you will have to tune into the episode to find out what's next for this crazy adventurer.

As you can imagine, this podcast is riveting in simply listening to Josh's tales from the frontiers of the world's most extreme places, but more than that as a speaker and an educator himself, Josh has been able to distill the lessons from his adventures in a way that will enable you to integrate his insights and wisdom about the extreme adventures of purpose into your everyday life.

So without further delay, strap yourself in. We are going for a wild ride. Welcome to the Decoding Purpose Podcast.

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