Lillian Kikuvi: The Diversity Economies - Inclusion and The Future


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Welcome to another episode of the Decoding Purpose Podcast. For those of us here in Australia the Jacaranda flowers are in bloom, the sun is shining and with talks of possible vaccinations and borders opening here in Australia there is a sense that maybe this new normal is starting to feel...well a little more normal. That said, the new part is undeniably a wave whose wake is yet to crash. This has been a year of change like no other, and the ripple from that change will be felt for many years to come.

One thing that has been established in 2020 is the fact that this virus has levelled all of humankind. A virus that did not distinguish between rich or poor, black or white, male or female. In addition to that, in our pursuit to find a vaccine the world has collaborated more so than ever before. After all, when it comes to solving problems, collaboration trumps genius, and diversity by design is a new world superpower. Diversity in people, but also the diversity of humankind and technology.

For all of these reasons and more, today I wanted to talk to a woman who is an influential advocate for diversity, inclusion, and the future. Her name is Lillian Kikuvi whose core focus is on decoding the intersection between diversity and the role it plays in propelling individuals and organisations into a future that supercharges the power of inclusivity.

To give you some background information, Lilian is a Kenyan born Australian with a rich cross-cultural experience in Australia spanning over two decades. She has discovered significant barriers and opportunities in Australia in the areas of diversity, equality, equity, and inclusion. As a result, she is passionate about flipping the narrative that diversity is not only an ethical or social decision but an economic one.

As a member of the Equal Employment Opportunity Network Lilian believes that systematic and sustainable change can only happen when people collaborate. She is also a member of my tribe at Future Crunch who are a think tank made of unlike minds on a mission to foster intelligent and optimistic thinking.

As a speaker and an independent corporate consultant on diversity in the workplace, Lilian has a focus on bridging the gap between the role of organisational diversity today and the possibilities for what it could look like tomorrow. She has an intersectional approach to diversity which we will talk more about in the podcast & she challenges that what is considered diverse is not always obvious, and more often than not, it is hidden or yet to emerge.

So without further delay get ready to dive into a conversation built upon a foundation of research, yet translate in a way that questions the status quo and asks us to get comfortable with the uncomfortable is creating a new space for richer conversations about diversity and inclusion both in Australia and around the world. Welcome to the podcast.

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