Park Howell: Brand Bewitchery & The Purpose Of Storytelling


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Hello and welcome to another episode of the Decoding Purpose Podcast.

Now, for those of you who are regular listeners of this show, you may have heard me reference what I call the DNA of purpose as a framework to understand purpose decoded. Top-level, this is a concept that explores DNA (the genetic kind that is) as a metaphor for how we can connect with our individual sense of purpose and also as an acronym. Purpose is D; a Decision. N; a Narrative. And A; an Alignment to self. That self may be the individual self or in the case of today's podcast a collective self such as a business or a community.

Once the decision to have a purpose is made, then the next part of the process is to find the narrative and to unpack the story, and that is exactly what we will be unpacking in detail in today's episode. So why is narrative so important in a conversation about purpose? Because purpose is the story we tell ourselves about who we are, purpose is the story we share with our team or clients about why our organization exists, and purpose is the story that we share with the world. Without the story, our purpose is like a sailing boat without sails.

Luckily today's guest has both the boat and the sails. Sails that have brought his story all the way from Arizona into the studios of the Decoding Purpose Podcast. His name is Park Howell and he is a 30+ year veteran of the advertising industry who has guided hundreds of purpose-driven brands to substantial business growth. Today he chooses to focus on the one area of advertising that he loved the most, and the one area he felt was most relevant to today's digital landscape. The art and evolution of storytelling.

As the founder of The Business Of Story and the author of Brand Bewitchery, Park now consults, teaches, coaches, and speaks internationally helping leaders and communicators rise above the noise of the Attention Economy in order to be heard using the power of brand and business storytelling.

So without further delay, kick back and get ready to unpack the structure behind how we can ignite a message into a movement, turn words into wonder, or take a brand and make it truly bewitching. Welcome to the podcast.

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