307: BIRTH STORY - How the Letdown of a Hospital Transfer Can Shift to Magic and Gratitude with Cadyn S.


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How do we cope with the parts of our birth that didn’t go the way we envisioned?

In today’s episode we chat with Cadyn about her birth experience. She and her husband planned a home birth, because (in her words) of “how special we consider our home and surrounding space to be, and that this was where it seemed that magical portal of birth was meant to open.”

After a long labor, Cadyn transferred to the hospital. It was frustrating and heart-breaking. But after a period of time, she was able to get hydrated and rest. The staff gave time and space and honored her choices. She felt supported. Her husband was even able to assist in “catching” the baby.

Cadyn describes the birthing as “the best moment I’ve ever experienced.”

More from Cadyn: “My hospital experience was thankfully quite positive, and one student member of our midwife team remained with my husband/best-birth-partner-ever and me through the birth. I know now that nobody, especially myself, is to be blamed— only thanked— for the way our daughter came into this world. There are of course reasons to be nervous about giving birth, but nothing to FEAR. I went through many phases of accepting my personal birth story, and listening to birth story podcasts like yours has sincerely helped me to process everything. I hear stories that share common ground with my own, and I hear stories that remind me that EVERY birth is unique. I hope I can share something with a listener who might need to hear it.

This birth story includes mention of: RhoGAM shot, Tay-Sachs disease, hospital transfer, epidural, pitocin


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