303: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Peaceful HBAC During Chaos and a Powerlifter Mama with Kara Lambert


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How many of us feel a sense of failure after a birth experience?

We’re clear that it’s far too many. In fact, one is too many.

We’re grateful for stories like this who can help with the healing and rescripting. Our guest, Kara Lambert, shares her birth journey. After her cesarean birth with her son Theo, as she puts it, “I felt like I failed.”

Great resources like ICAN helped Kara in her process of planning for a future VBAC. She and her husband Russ started with an OBGYN with their second pregnancy. But then a pandemic hit. Well, “what is we home birth?” they thought.

They connected with a badass midwife, and utilized parallel care (seeing both a doctor and their midwife).

Kara describes her home birth as mostly “lazy.” The significance in highlighting that centers around the normalcy of the experience, and how it was able to be peaceful despite lots of opportunities to have not been that way. And then we get to hear how baby Chiara entered the world.

This birth story includes: acupuncture and moxibustion, midwives’ brew, the peanut ball (not a snack, despite what Matthew thought!) and a storm


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