305: BIRTH STORY - A Christmas Home Birth Hospital Transfer with Lisa Van Der Giessen


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Can we remove the word “failure” from birth, please?

K, thanks! But really though. Today’s episode is a great reminder that there are no failures in birth. Our guest, Lisa Van Der Giessen shares her birth story of her daughter Mackenzie.

Lisa was interested in a holistic approach to her pregnancy and birth. She went online and found a Facebook group of moms that helped her find her midwife. It was important for Lisa that whomever she chose was grounded in their experience and worked from an evidence-based place.

For her pregnancy care, Lisa utilized chiropractic, acupuncture and Hypnobabies.

Labor began after a hike. After about 18 hours, she felt emotionally and physically exhausted. Baby Mackenzie’s head was stuck in the pelvis.

Lisa and her team chose to transfer to the hospital. She received laughing gas and epidural to help. After a total of 27 hours of labor and 1 hour of pushing, baby Mackenzie made her arrival. Lisa says she would plan for a home birth again in the future, despite the transfer and parts of the birth not going how she had imagined.

This birth story includes:

Chiropractic care, acupuncture, Hypnobabies, laboring in water, intense contractions, hospital transfer, laughing gas, epidural, doula advice


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