308: How to Plan Birth Support During COVID-19 with Heather Delaney


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Have the circumstances around COVID-19 impacted your pregnancy and/or birth?

Today we’re chatting with Heather Delaney, childbirth educator, certified labor and postpartum doula and CEO of Maryland State Doulas.

Heather walks us through how she and her team of doulas and birth professionals have shifted over the past year to serve their clients with virtual support. When policies (like partners and/or doulas not allowed in birthing rooms of hospitals and centers) and communications have been challenging, they’ve found alternative ways to educate and empower, regardless of the birthing location.

We talk about what some of the biggest changes/challenges have shown up in the birth world, what families can do in the midst of everything as well as how to minimize the fear around birth that already exists and can be magnified when blended with the conversations around COVID-19.


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