315: Our Conception Journey Part 2 (Plus How We Handle Breakdowns)


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“How are you doing mentally and physically through your open-to-conceive journey?”

This is a really great question we received recently when we did one of those fun Instagram story “what questions do you have for us?” things. And we thought it was appropriate timing to bring this onto the podcast and have a followup to our first conversation that we put out in September 2020, talking about our conception journey and planning for a second baby. Check out that episode (293) if you haven’t already.

In this episode we’re still bringing the vulnerability and transparency, along with some things we’ve learned and grown from since September and even earlier back to when we originally embarked on this process.

We describe our highs and our lows and all that comes up for us as a couple and individually. How we’re feeling as we near a 1 year mark of “open to conceive,” and what interventions we’d consider. Then we address some fresh and even real-time unpacking of some things we don’t fully agree on, and how we move through that in order to stay intimately connected in our partnership. It’s certainly a juicy one! Feel free to contact us at hello[at]diahpodcast[dot]com with any followup questions or feedback!


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