311: 25 Ways to Know Labor is Starting


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How do you know when labor is starting?

This is a question we put out there into the community, and received some really great answers and examples. So we’re sharing them with you! Plus our experience of what it was like when we realized it was “game time” -- what it felt like, what was going on, and what we did once it was clearly active labor.

There’s a wide range of possibilities and experiences when it comes to discovering you’re in labor. Our goal in sharing this conversation with you is to help you should you find yourself experiencing anything similar to these situations. And for those who have already been through the birthing experience, something to reflect back on and connect with.

We also share some bonus tips on what you can do when you do discover you’re in labor, to avoid any unnecessary stressors and create a smooth and peaceful environment.

Oh, and just for fun -- please message us or engage on social media and weigh in on the epic saga of “the mixed greens” in the Bivens household!


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