314: HOME BIRTH STORY - A Bumpy Road to a Calm and Meditative Home Birth with Brenda Amaya


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How do our births influence our life journeys?

That’s such a big question. It can be, as is likely, multi-faceted. For some, one area where birth impacts is the profession or calling they lean into. For our guest today Brenda Amaya, her births lead her to her doula and birth photography work, and now as she works with other birth workers and in her plans to train as a traditional midwife.

Brenda shares some of her history with us. From her first birth in a hospital, which was traumatic, to her second birth being at home. It was her second birth that pushed her into doula work. Then we get to hear details from her third birth, also at home.

Along with her birth stories, we learn about Brenda’s work with mother blessing -- ceremonies for mothers as they prepare for their birth experiences. Plus her work in the Latinx community to provide services and resources for families who are interested in learning more about their birthing options.

Things we cover in this episode: birth trauma, doula work, importance of community, mother blessings, birth photography work, birth in the Latinx community


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