219: DecaDeuce vol 3 (w/ Jeremy Auman & more!)


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Will was in a show and his Chiefs are playing in the AFC Championship so we couldn’t record a new episode! But, we still have a new episode! Ten mini 2 minute & 20 second episodes plastered together into one big regular-sized episode! Actually, it’s a bit longer (34 whole minutes!) cause we’re bad at clocks and math and love the sound of our own voices! There’s variable levels of sound quality, though, so, gonna have to ding us on that one, too. Also, there’s some pretty drunk post-football Sunday Nelson in a few of these. Sorry about our sins having no end! Anyway, enjoy!


  • Jumbly (8/4/19)
  • Burger King, That’s Crazy (w/ a stealth Jeremy Auman!) (8/18/19)
  • 10 Beers into Recording, or Alley Napping (w/ Jeremy Auman!) (8/18/19)
  • Fuck Elves, or Thranduil Did 9/11 (9/8/19)
  • Live 200th Episode Post Game Show, or Accordion to Jim (w/ Jay Maus, Jason Keezer, Andrea Repinsky & Allison Puderbaugh!) (9/13/19)
  • Prayer of the Rollerboys, or Get a Boat! (10/13/19)
    • Will’s Weenies Catastrophe!
  • Accidental MiniDeuce, or The Price of Will’s Pride! (10/20/19)
  • Octoberfest, or Ding Ding!, or Nelson Knows How to Ding!, or How Nelson Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Ding Ding! (10/20/19)
  • The Green Leaves of Trees, or War’s Over! (10/20/19)
  • Onion Jelly, or Mirepoix Will (w/ Jeremy Auman) (11/10/19)

So, that was another DecaDeuce! You’re welcome! Go see Will in a play this weekend! The Compleat Works of Wllm Shkspr (Abridged)! At Theatre Lawrence! Thursday through Saturday nights and a Sunday matinee! We’ll be back next week with something brand new probably!

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