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May these words of Jehovah go in and settle in our mind and spirit that we will have the POWER TO BE VICTORIOUS IN ALL MATTERS when we leave the house of Jehovah. O let the word of God shape and mold us down through eternity. We are seeking a unified earth. We all have the power to bring the earth on one accord. Can we do our part? Can you imagine an earth that constantly seeks ways to walk in unity? Better yet, can we imagine the world in a constant Praise for our Jehovah? But first, we want to thank each country and person for tuning in. Jehovah bless everyone under the sound of my voice. Plus, your people come bowed down as your committed, submitted sons and daughters. The great Jehovah, a God who has extended deliverance to our seed, our seed’s seed, our entire bloodlines, and is a very present help in our times of trouble. Finally, you know we need to start with repentance, and we have to ask Jehovah for his forgiveness. Yep! We do not mind bending our knees so Jehovah will not break them.

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