Its Okay to F*ck Up: Kitchen Table Polyamory


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Today on Double Teamed, Cami and Niki have wrapped up the Convo series for now, but first let’s reflect on those guests and the many things we learned from them. Which one did you resonate with the most? Moving right along, let’s catch up with Niki’s V and discuss the issues and complications that may occur in a kitchen table dynamic, especially when there is a lack of clear communication. Sometimes, we fuck things up, and that is okay.

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Listen Up:

  • 00:00 Intro
  • 03:07 Still working it out with the assh*le relationship
  • 10:05 The kitchen table polyamory dynamic
  • 20:21 Codependent marriage doesn’t work in a polyamorous relationship
  • 28:52 Have you watched the Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce?
  • 33:36 Have you been having sh*tty sex?

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