016: BSC Glasgow boss Stephen Swift: from daftie player to serious in the dugout, singing karaoke to Paul McStay & impersonations during Stranraer's glory years


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AS a player Stephen Swift had a reputation for liking a laugh and a joke.

But now he’s deadly serious about becoming the best manager possible.

Stephen is boss of Lowland League side BSC Glasgow.

Last year he led them to an historic clash with Hibs in the last 16 of the Scottish Cup.

Their achievement in getting there – and the way they played on the day – was yet more proof of his growing credentials in the duguout.

Life as a gaffer started at Kilbirnie Ladeside eight years ago. We’ll take a look at that transition including his first team talk - and learn about his ambitious in the dugout too.

We’ll also reflect on those madcap days playing for the likes of Benburb and Stranraer, when he sang karaoke to hero Paul McStay and impersonated Stranraer assistant manager Stuart Millar.

There's the day Raith star Martin Prest had him on toast - literally - and the proud moment he was capped for Scotland. Plus much, much more.

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