020 Drumchapel United co-boss Adam Hopes: from amateurs to landing Darian MacKinnon, their 90-year-old player and how Austin Powers nearly got him a move to New Zealand


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ADAM HOPES owns his own roofing company.

But he’s also one of the men hoping to show there’s no ceiling on what Drumchapel United can achieve.

The Drum have made the bold switch from top amateur team to the new West of Scotland League setup.

When football resumes they’ll be mixing it with the traditional former juniors’ sides in Conference C.

Adam is the Drum’s co-manager with John Black – and they’ve been busy adding plenty of players to cope with the step up.

One of those is former Hamilton skipper Darian MacKinnon, who was playing in the Premiership less than a year ago..

We’ll speak to Adam about how they’re setup for the season ahead, just how they managed to persuade MacKinnon to drop down the leagues and why he's not called Alan.
Adam gives us the lowdown on just how many teams and players there are at the club - including the 90-year-old who plays in their grandads walking football side.
Plus we’ll hear how a distant family relative, a cricket pundit nicknamed Austin Powers, nearly landed Adam a move to New Zealand early in his playing days.
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