028 St Roch's' Paul Kelly: WoSFL lacking leadership & punishing teams who want to compete, clubs' honesty & sharing the pain, appetite for Ayrshire football to return & season preview


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THERE’S been more upheavel in the West of Scotland League this week.

On the day of recording, 13 teams had confirmed they CAN’T take part as long as fans aren’t allowed into games. Lesmahagow have since joined them.

That’s seen the conferences redrawn and confirmation there will be no relegation or promotion.

In the meantime fixture secretary Kennie Young has worked like a Trojan to ensure there are games to play this week.

St Roch's have gone from Conference C to Conference A – and their manager Paul Kelly joins us on the show this week.
We'll hear why he says the decision-making at the new setup leaves a lot to be desired and the reasons he thinks show the league aren't respecting the clubs who want to play and those lower down.
Paul tells us why an idea of the football family doesn't match reality, asks why players weren't consulted over the decisions for the future of the league and tells us why he thinks there's an appetite for Ayrshire football to return.

Plus we’ll preview the season which starts this Saturday as both Pauls take a look at where the winners could come from in all three conferences and the Premier League.

It’s all here on Down The Divisions.

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