DB 261: The secret to building confidence (not what you want it to be!)


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There are so many experts out there claiming to be able to teach you a shortcut to building confidence. These “hacks'' might temporarily help you pump yourself up and act confident, even if you really may not be. Recently we heard Chris Bosh, former NBA all-star, champion and Olympic Gold medalist, describe how he developed his confidence on the basketball court. It may not be the most popular method, but we think it is the most honest way to truly build confidence. In this episode, Eva shares Chris’ illuminating answer, as well as an amazing quote from martial arts legend Bruce Lee on confidence. Finally Eva shares how she applied Chris' technique to be confident when she performed a complicated rap in front of her entire school a few years ago. Thank you for the fantastic lesson Chris and congrats on the launch of your new book “Letters to a Young Athlete.” For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/261

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