DB 256: What Did You Fail At This Week? GREAT Question!


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Sara Blakely is an inventor and entrepreneur who created the clothing line Spanx. For the younger Big Dreamers who may not be familiar with Spanx, ask your mom because chances are she knows and can explain better than Eva can! Joking aside, with the incredible success of Spanx under Sara’s leadership, in 2012 Sara became the world’s youngest female self-made billionaire. In today’s episode, Eva focuses on an amazing story that Sara shared about her father in an interview with the great Tony Robbins. Specifically, Sara explained that when she was growing up, her father would ask her “What did you fail at this week?” And he would be disappointed if she did not have anything to share! Now that may seem like a backwards question, but actually Sara credits this ritual with obliterating her fear of failure in the traditional sense of failing to achieve the desired outcome. Instead, Sara’s definition of failure became failing to try her best. What a fantastic lesson for all Big Dreamers - young and old! When you are pursuing a big dream, you will “fail” time and again. But rather than hide or be ashamed by those failures, we should share and even celebrate the failures as long as we tried our best! Thank you Sara for this powerful reminder and kudos to your dad for asking you such a fantastic question during your childhood. For our show notes, visit DreamBigPodcast.com/256

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