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My name is Wolfgang Steinwidder, I am born in Austria, and currently working in the States and in Austria. I started with music very early with flute, piano and guitar lessons. Had already bands in early years, but found out that making money with just playing any music was not my thing. I heard melodies in my head, and they did not let me sleep. I was born as composer. And that is no easy way, because nobody around me could understand that talent. They know a musician, who is playing concerts, but someone, who is sitting all day in his room, thinking about songs, was strange for them. Later on I was studying Singing and Organ. But it took a long time, to get my life in a condition, so I could realize my dreams. One of the major events on that way was my first travel to the US caused by a girl. The love failed, but I fell in love with the US forever. And always will be. I started Composing4you shortly after that experience and released 11 singles so far.I am proud and happy to have found close friends who are going the way with me. Album coming 2021, and so far Corona allows it....a tour as well.

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