Yaya Diamond interviews Vocalist Charlene Nelson Scott


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Charlene Nelson Scott founded a youth choir in the family church that gets musical recognition to this day. Formed in one of the roughest corridors of Southeast Washington, this choir was much more than just another singing aggregation. Charlene’s leadership style was readied by a genuine desire to acknowledge, appreciate and respect every individual. Charlene was the mastermind behind her beloved family group, ‘The Nelson Family’ writing and arranging original music and recording their LP, ‘Filled with His Spirit.’ This album is timeless. It is still commanding price points in the thousands among global listeners, collectors and buyers, so many years later after its original release. The recently remastered, ‘Filled with His Spirit’ draws new audiences every day, seeking good news of Jesus Christ through the unmistakable harmonies of The Nelson Family. The family has toured the states in venues both great and small. The heart and soul of this artist will draw both the casual and serious listener. You will be mesmerized by what you hear. Enjoy the ‘Charlene Nelson Scott Experience’ - it’s like nothing you’ve ever experienced before! www.Charlene2020.com

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