Susan Shapiro – Finding Your Muse During the Pandemic


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So now you’ve got a lot of time on your hands. Assuming you’re healthy and not in any danger, what do you do? Maybe you’re thinking it’s time to write that book that’s been in your head forever. Is it a good idea? How do you know? And how to you go from idea to manuscript to publication?
I posed these questions to someone who would know. Susan Shapiro is a New York Times best selling author and long-time writing teacher who teaches her students not only how to create good literature but how to market it successfully. During our conversation on Dream Power Radio, Susan speaks about:
• the subject matter editors are looking for
• how to know if your idea would interest others
• where to get ideas
• how to deal with rejection
If you’ve ever thought of writing for publication, you won’t want to miss this episode of Dream Power Radio.
Susan Shapiro is an award-winning writing professor, freelances for the NY Times, NY Magazine, WSJ, Washington Post, L.A. Times, Elle & She's the bestselling author/coauthor of 12 books her family hates including Five Men Who Broke My Heart, Lighting Up, Unhooked, The Bosnia List & the new inspiring writing guide The Byline Bible. She and her husband, a scriptwriter, live in Greenwich Village, where she teaches her popular "instant gratification takes too long" classes at The New School, NYU and in private workshops & seminars.

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