Wendy Darling – What to do when you’re tired of binge watching Netflix


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Okay. Okay. You’re home. You’re bored. Cabin fever has sunk in. You’ve vegged out on TV and baked enough goods to last until the next millennium.
Now what? You know there’s more you can do but perhaps don’t know where to start. This pause in our lives is a gift to us, if we know how to take advantage of this time. My guest on this episode of Dream Power Radio, transformational expert Wendy Darling, has suggestions on how to rid yourself of ennui and become the productive person you know you’re meant to be. Wendy tells us:
•how to find your ‘attraction factor’
•why your dating habits may be the key to your financial success
•what a relationship quotient is and why it’s important to know where you fit in
You know you’re ready to live your dream life. Get inspired to make your move by listening to this informative episode of Dream Power Radio.
Wendy Darling is the founder of the Miraculous Living and a recognized relationship and transformational change expert. She is the creator of The Miraculous Living Method™, her unique transformational system, that allows her clients to gently remove the internal mental and emotional barriers that have interfered and held them back, while repositioning them to close the gap to finally be living the life of their dreams. Wendy has over 35 years of experience as a business and life transformation expert, management and organizational development consultant, radio talk show personality, keynote speaker and columnist. www.wendydarling.com.
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