ENFP Career Choice, The Starving Artist Myth, and Advice for Starting a Blog - AskDan (Part 4)


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In this Part 4 of my AskDan session which I recorded here in Spain, I'm sharing some more responses to the questions I've received from some of my subscribers.

What is the best strategy for a young ENFP to pick the right college major or career? Given the ENFP personality traits, what should ENFPs take into consideration when deciding on their career path? I'm sharing a bit of my own ENFP career story and one very important tip to set you on the right track.

What should you do if you'd like to change your ENFP career into one that is more meaningful to you, but you're scared since you have a family and financial obligations to take care of?

I'm debunking the starving artist myth and sharing my best advice on how to think about the risk that comes with pursuing your ENFP passion. If you're aspiring to be a writer or a copywriter, this advice may be especially useful to you.

If you're thinking of becoming location independent, travelling full time, and starting your own business that would allow you to have such a lifestyle, there are some very important things you have to consider. I'm sharing some tips on discipline, accountability, and how to start a blog even if you're a full-time employee right now.

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