Ep29 :: The Joy Seeker Journey Back to Your True Self, with Shannon Kaiser


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Today I’m welcoming the amazing Shannon Kaiser back on the show to chat about her Joy Seeker journey that led her back to her true self so she could start living the life she was made for, which was the inspiration behind her brand new book - Joy Seeker.

In this episode we talk about:
  • How Shannon did a complete 180 of her life, from working in a fast paced advertising career, facing addiction, burnout and depression; to now working as a full time writer, published author and coach.

  • How adopting her dog Tucker, helped Shannon find her purpose and leave behind everything that wasn’t working in her life.

  • How Tucker’s death a couple of years ago inspired Shannon to write her new book, Joy Seeker.

  • What it means to be a joy seeker and the warning signs for being out of alignment with your true self.

  • Why meditating, working out, drinking green juice and doing all the right things, don’t even matter if you can’t be honest to yourself about your true desires.

  • How a regular journal practice helped get Shannon back in touch with her intuition.

  • Why expectations are a joy barrier and why letting go is the key to allowing things feel really great.

  • How we can open ourselves up to more happiness in our life right now, regardless of how busy we are.

  • Why perfection is one of the biggest joy blockers and one of the simplest ways to invite more joy in your life right now.

  • Why putting more joy into the world benefits humanity.

  • The simple framework to help recognize the opportunities for growth and expansion.

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