College Enrollment and Home Offices in the OC


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Brian & Daniel discuss a few Orange County Headlines, weekend events. Joined by Jay Sherer for Weekend streaming and Tina Anderson for Feel Good Friday!
Don’t miss this episode as Daniel sits in for Seth who is on A Surf adventure!
Daniel - illegal gambling, college enrollment in OC, sales tax proposals in some OC cities
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“OC Real-Estate with Daniel Preszler”
Brian - Home offices a new must-have
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This Day in History - 16 Oct, 1940 - U.S.A. Register for Draft
American men are registering for draft and signing up at a rate of 1 million an hour.
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“What's Coming to Theaters this week?” with Jay Sherer
“Feel Good Friday with Tina Anderson
Brian - Fairhaven Cemetery After-Dark Lamplight Tour
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Daniel - October fest (promote German restaurants and foods, and OC weekly farmers markets
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Jay Sherer, “What’s Coming to Theaters this Week”
Storytelling Executive
The Reclamation Society
The Story Geeks Podcast
Tina Anderson, Feel Good Friday
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