EP68: Emily Schromm - Hacking the System Through Internal Health


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Are you truly aware of what makes you happy and makes you feel healthy and strong? Everyone’s fitness journey is different which is why it’s so important to figure out what workouts and eating habits work for you. Emily Schromm believes understanding your body from the inside out is key to showing up for life powerfully while maintaining balance and positive energy.

  • How strength training led Emily to her current business ventures
  • What inspired Emily to create the “EmPack”
  • What Emily learned from her personal experience with adrenal stress
  • Why Emily started her own gym with 24/7 access to strength training
  • How Emily learned to find a balance between her business journey and fitness training
  • Emily’s “Do, Feel, Know” approach and her “Body Awareness Project”
  • Why Emily refuses to do less and pursues big goals
  • The power of tapping into your intuition and being aware of how your body reacts
  • The most common patterns Emily notices with cortisol and stress levels
  • Emily’s plans to close the year with only doing what energizes her

Self-proclaimed “MeatHead Hippie” Emily Schromm has years of experience in the fitness training world. After realizing just how much she’d been resisting her own body, Emily embraced her inner self to find love for her whole body. She’s had multiple successful ventures as a serial entrepreneur and now focuses on teaching others how to hack their stress levels through her “Body Awareness Project” so they can still live big while doing less!

Powerful Quotes to Remember:

  • “How can we bring feminine energy to strength training? Because it’s not something that has been done enough.”
  • “Check out #adrenalswithem if you’re ever curious…”
  • “It’s either complete rest days and self-care and self-love, OR it’s full psychoness. You have to find that in between for yourself.”
  • “I’m able to handle a lot more because I handled what was happening inside.”
  • “If you want to do anything for your stress levels—life stress and internal stress—is fix the hangry!”
  • “When you fix your gut, you change your life.”

Connect with Emily:https://www.meatheadhippie.com/listen




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