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What would happen if you dropped everything and followed your passion? Whether you’re ready to take the risk or want some guidance before you leap into the industry of your dreams, Mohamed Sulaiman, AKA S.L.M.N., shares his own experiences as an entrepreneur in the music industry and what it means to really pursue your passion and why good timing is everything!

  • How S.L.M.N. transitioned from making music his side hustle to his main gig
  • Lessons S.L.M.N. has learned from different challenges as an entrepreneur
  • How travel opportunities through Sony Music have impacted S.L.M.N.’s growth as a producer and artist
  • Why S.L.M.N. believes the growth he’s experienced prepared him for current opportunities
  • Advice for those who’ve considered taking the risk of pursuing their passion vs. staying in their normal job
  • Why timing is key and what S.L.M.N. learned from his experiences working with big artists
  • What it means to create from your passion and inspiration vs. with intent to please others
  • What S.L.M.N. would never change about himself
  • Why S.L.M.N.’s process for his creative flow changes daily
  • How S.L.M.N. builds his personal toolbox by outsourcing or learning from others

S.L.M.N. is a talented music producer and artist who focuses on expressing himself in creative ways through music and sound. He believes his most beautiful creations happen when he’s guided by what inspires him and when he is genuinely excited to share the music he makes with others.

Powerful Quotes to Remember:

  • “To me it’s all about being organic...because I stayed true to what I always believed in and to what I always cared about, I got led to this position where I got to do it full time.”
  • “So many opportunities come from stepping out of your comfort zone.”
  • “Timing is so key with everything—relationships, with everything you do in this life—it’s all about timing.”
  • “As you create good work, people want to work with people who want to do good work.”
  • “Have a relentless belief in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself, how can you expect anybody else to?”

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