The History of Cymbal Making with Nick Margarite (NickyMoon)


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Nick takes us through an in-depth look at the full history of cymbals, bronze, the iconic brands such as UFIP and Paiste, and all of the processes that are used around the world to create cymbals through time. The episode starts 7000 years ago and works up to the modern revolution of independent cymbal makers like NickyMoon.

Nick is a master cymbal maker that has a deep passion for preserving the history of this art form. Not only does he tell us about all the milestones throughout time in China, Turkey, Europe, America and South America - but he also teaches us all of the terms and processes that are used in the process across the globe.

Nick has prepared an awesome outline that will be available on and here is a link to the Chinese cymbals from 1200 AD:

Learn more about Nick at his website:

And find him on Instagram at @nickymoon_cymbals

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