The History of GMS Drums with Tony Gallino and Rob Mazzella


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Rob and Tony are the founders of the iconic American drum brand, GMS Drum Co. They were one of four custom-shop companies that started in the 1980's, well before the boom of boutique brands in the mid 2000's. It is a great story of an underdog brand exploding in popularity and how they kept up with demand!

They are USA made drums that are known as some of the highest quality drums you can buy thanks to the extreme attention to detail. We learn about the origins of the brand and how they exploded in popularity in the 90's and became a regular sight on MTV with bands like Stone Temple Pilots using GMS. Tony shares his techniques for building and some very unique processes on creating snare drums, and Rob tells us some amazing stories such as James Brown picking GMS drums out of a line up of bass drums and commissioning them to build two drum sets for his 40th anniversary show at the Apollo.

These guys are great and a lot of fun to listen to..enjoy this episode and check them out online at and on social media @gmsdrums

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