E181: Legal-ish #8 (With Ahmed Odeh)


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We're back again with Ahmed Odeh, Lawyer and Managing Partner at MIO Law Firm. Tune in with us to get up to date on legal news and insights and have your questions answered every week.
In this episode:Show Notes:
  1. Preventive Composition Procedure "PCP": A debtor-led, court-supervised procedure available to a debtor who is i) in financial difficulties but not yet insolvent or ii) has been insolvent (under either of the tests mentioned above) for a period of less than 30 consecutive business days. The procedure aims to facilitate the rescue of a business by helping a debtor reach a settlement with its creditors.
  2. Rescue within Bankruptcy: When a debtor is required to file for bankruptcy if it has ceased payment of due debts for over 30 consecutive business days due to financial difficulties or where the debtor’s assets are insufficient to cover due liabilities at any time.
  3. Liquidation within Bankruptcy: A preventive composition or restructuring scheme within bankruptcy is inappropriate, not approved or terminated; or a debtor is acting in bad faith or to evade financial obligations. The aim of liquidation is to terminate the corporate existence of the company.
  1. My boss has been making rude advances towards me. And I recorded the conversation last week where he said some inappropriate things. My friend told me that I'm not allowed to record people without their permission. So what can I do?
  2. I found some photographs of my wife in a compromising position with another man. It was a relationship she had in her country before she got married to me. Can I file for a divorce based on these photographs? And can I file a criminal case against her in the UAE, even though the incident took place in another country?
  3. I have been on unpaid leave for the past six months. It was initially for three months, but it was extended for another three months until September 30th, 2020. The employer's decision was sudden, however, keeping in mind with COVID-19 I had to accept it because everyone it is going through difficult times. However, I am seven months pregnant and due to deliver on November 12th, 2020. Although my employer is yet to confirm the status of my job, I've been informed by my colleagues that my employment might be terminated. My colleagues who are on a reduced salary since March 2020 have started receiving their full salary now, but I hasn't received anything. So what can I do? What legal avenues can I pursue?

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