E182: Legal-ish #9 (With Ahmed Odeh)


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We're back again with Ahmed Odeh, Lawyer and Managing Partner at MIO Law Firm. Tune in with us to get up to date on legal news and insights and have your questions answered every week.
In this episode:Show Notes:
1. Sharia Law: Is a religious law forming part of the Islamic tradition. It is derived from the religious precepts of Islam, particularly the Quran and the hadith.
2. Ejari: An online registration system initiated by Real Estate Regulatory Agency that requires all Dubai rental or lease contracts to be recorded at this portal. The main motive behind this system is to legalize the otherwise unpleasant relationship between landlords and tenants in Dubai.
3. Escrow account: An account where funds are held in trust whilst two or more parties complete a transaction. This means a trusted third party such as Escrow.com will secure the funds in a trust account. The funds will be disbursed to the merchant after they have fulfilled the escrow agreement. If the merchant fails to deliver their obligation, then the funds are returned to the buyer.
  1. I am writing in regards to recover my 160,000 AED from a person in Dubai. I had transferred her the amount through my bank account, so I have the proof. Also I have WhatsApp messages from her admitting that she owes me the amount. I am currently working in Bahrain and can visit Dubai anytime. This lady had given me 3 checks for the amount, which I am yet to bounce as she is constantly telling me that she has no money at the moment. Kindly tell me how should I proceed on the same.
  2. Here is my case, I buy one bedroom apartment in Ajman with one company on five years installment, which will be finish in coming August 2021. Apartment should be handed over in Jan 2018, but still incomplete, I am paying continuously in Escrow account and now this case is under Department of Land and Real State Regulation Ajman. Is there any way to get my money back from this contractor? Please advice.
  3. Our apartment has a gym and pool that should be properly maintained according to our lease. Gyms were permitted to open in June, ours opened in September. Pools were permitted to open in August and ours is still not open. Can I request a rent deduction from these months that I am unable to use apartment facilities that are referenced in my lease. Please let me know.

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