E183: Legal-ish #10 (With Ahmed Odeh)


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We're back again with Ahmed Odeh, Lawyer and Managing Partner at MIO Law Firm. Tune in with us to get up to date on legal news and insights and have your questions answered every week.
In this episode:
  • Dubai-listed contractor Arabtec ARTC.DU has terminated thousands of workers again in recent weeks, sources said, as the construction firm prepares for liquidation after the coronavirus pandemic deepened its financial woes. Full details in the link here.
  • Arabtec may struggle to meet the end of November deadline set by shareholders to formally submit liquidation plans to a court. More details in the link here.
  • As the Dubai-listed contractor Arabtec is preparing for liquidation after the coronavirus pandemic deepened its financial woes, necessary legal procedures have been taken to guarantee the rights and dues of its staff. More details in the link here.

Show Notes:
1. Liquidation: The process by which a company that has reached the end of its life is formally closed down and its assets realized (converted into cash).
2. End of Service Gratuity: A benefit payment for employees when they resign from their work or when their job contract ends.
3. Lease Agreement: A legal contract specifying the terms under which one party agrees to rent property from another party for a specified period of time.4. DHA: Short for Dubai Health Authority.
  1. We've moved into a rented villa, and the company that my landlord hired to maintain the work has not done anything at all. The main door locks don't work, amongst other things. There have been a number of messages where they admit that they're in the wrong. What is the correct course of action renters like me can take?
  2. I went for some Botox at a place that seemed reputable. However, I began to see some terrible side effects. I went to the emergency and they said that the plastic surgeon has used a low quality Botox. What are my rights?
  3. I seek your insight into the problem I'm facing right now, we haven't been paid our salaries for three months, we're a team of six to seven people. And recently, we got to know that our employer has fled the country. He hasn't communicated anything to us. And we got to know about this from our boss. We are a small team, and the salaries delay has been going on since the start of 2020. And so we had salary cuts in March as a result of COVID. But then it's the situation deteriorated that we're still going to office, but there's no pay. And some projects are still continuing, but we're not actually getting compensated. I'm thinking of going to the ministry but concerned that if I go to the ministry, it will affect future job prospects or will affect my position altogether in the UAE. So, what can we do?

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