Loss Ep.18 Unearthed Arcana - Chapter Two


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Our heroes sit down and have a long-overdue chat with the Harpers and learn about a new impending doom looming on the horizon. Defiance offers unconditional assistance. Ellywick makes some demands. Lazza offers a blanket to someone in need of comfort.
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The panflute solo at the end of the episode was not, in fact, performed by our favorite bard but instead by Glen Hoban (who was kind enough to let us use it for the show. The title of the piece is "Zen Tibétin" and it was composed by Sylvain Guinet. A recording of the performance can be found here, and through it you can find Glen Hoban's youtube page: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhZYR0IGLRo

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