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Dupee Deep: (doo-pee d-ee-p), noun, a profound and complex experience, personal and intimate information.
Join Dr. Nikki Coleman with her co-host O Tomas Bell in her weekly podcast as she gets deep... dupee deep.
With an emphasis on mental health, each episode features Dr. Nikki tackling today's issues from pop culture to politics, society to celebrity, and everything in-between.
This is the place where witty, irreverent, opinionated perspective meets serious, fact-based discussion with empathy and inclusion.
Each week our listeners are invited to join the conversation live on Spreaker, or comment on the podcast anytime on Facebook or Twitter.
The Dr. is in. Let's get Dupee Deep.
The Dupee Deep with Dr. Nikki theme song is "Can't Mess Wid We" by Zarina Taylor. Download at https://fanlink.to/rqM

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