Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer of the Year, Pastor Noela Lumande


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On Today's Live Podcast with Pastor Noela Lumande, We Discuss the Biblical Entrepreneurship Trainer of the Year

Pastor Noela Lumande Saleh serves as the senior leader of the fastest growing ministry in France, the evangelical church Parole Due Salut (translation: Word of Salvation), an extension of Parole Due Salut in Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of Congo. His faith sparked a deep thirst for the knowledge of Christ, which led him to pursue studying and teaching God’s Word. Under the leadership and teaching of Pastor Jacques Andre Vernaud, Pastor Noela served as Youth and Prayer Unit Leader at AEG: Evangelical Action of Gombe, which later became Parole Due Salut Kinshasa Church, an extension of La Borne Church. After over a decade of service, he transferred to Paris with his wife Mamina Akeiwa and their four children to continue his studies and grow his own ministerial career by planting his own church.

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