Carole Davis & Bill Homann: The Crystal Skull Mystery


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One of the most enigmatic and mysterious artifacts of all time, the Mitchell-Hedges crystal skull has long been a source of both wonder and controversy; bringing out in those who study it states ranging from ecstatic visionary mystical experience to incredulous skepticism. As the story goes, the skull was discovered in 1927 by British adventurer and explorer F.A. Mitchell-Hedges and his adopted daughter Anna, in Mayan ruins at Lubaantun, in what was then British Honduras (present day Belize). Then branded as the "Skull of Doom" by F.A. Mitchell-Hedges, it was purported that Mayan priests could will death with the skull, and a series of stories about the 'curse' of the skull unfolded in the next several years. Later, the skull came to be associated with healing powers, visionary properties, and even the 2012 Mayan prophecies, and has subsequently been re-branded by Anna Mitchell-Hedges and the present caretaker of the skull, Bill Homann, as the "Skull of Love". Regardless of its caretaker or any 'magical' properties attributed to this artifact, stories of people having strange experiences in the presence of this skull stretch from the time of its discovery up to the present day, but skeptics remain unconvinced by these anecdotal accounts. Whether a believer or a skeptic, one must admit that this beautiful object holds a place of primal fascination in the minds of millions; this ultimate paradoxical symbol of our material impermanence: the human skull, wrought from one of the most spiritual and permanent of materials: quartz crystal. It has been said that the skull was carved by Mayans, Atlanteans, or even extra-terrestrial beings, and that it took anywhere from 150 to 300 years to produce (if made by Man). As one of the Hewlett Packard crystallographers said himself after studying the skull in 1970, "The damn thing shouldn't even be!". Even using today's most sophisticated technology, experts have stated time and time again that this mysterious artifact would be impossible for modern humans to reproduce.
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