HUMAN HEALTH: The Threats of Plastic - Plastic Plague Pt 3 - Ep 59


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This is PART THREE of a special seven-part series, called, “The Plastic Plague: Connecting the Dots between Extraction, Inequity, and Pollution.” HUMAN HEALTH – On this episode, we will investigate the impacts plastics have on our personal health and quality of life. From our food packaging to our building material, we cover the toxins types, corporate responsibility, and how can we avoid exposure. We dive into what it means to support the efforts of frontline communities to minimize exposure by reducing these toxic chemicals. Did you know that after packaging, the #1 global use of plastic is building materials? Our guests include Yvette Arellano, Policy Research & Grassroots Advocate for TEJAS, Dr. Julia Varshavsky, Reproductive Health and the Environment, UCSF Medical Center, and Bill Walsh, Healthy Building Network Yvette Arellano, is a community organizer for TEJAS, Texas Environmental Justice Advocacy Services. She focuses on the human health impacts of petrochemicals involved in plastics production, chemical clusters, risk of accidents and access to information in the 52-mile industrial corridor between Houston and Galveston. Dr. Julia Varshavsky is a Postdoctoral Scholar in environmental epidemiology and biostatistics for the Research team, conducting biologically-based, population-level studies on exposure and health risks associated with endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDCs). Bill Walsh, has been working on issues related to plastics and environmental justice for more than 35 years. He founded the Healthy Building Network in 2000 to be the green building movement’s leader in product transparency, healthy materials and related issues of health equity and environmental justice. Prior to that he spent 15 years with Greenpeace USA. Hosted by Jessica Aldridge from SoCal 350 and Adventures in Waste Engineer: Blake Lampkin Executive Producer: Jack Eidt Producer: Georgia Tunioli Show Created by Mark and JP Morris Music: Javier Kadry Episode 59 Photo Credit:

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