#3 – "Yes, and..."


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In this episode, we invite actor, instructional designer, and voiceover artist Maria Marquis to the show. We discuss the August heat, Jeff Goldblum, the power of improv's "Yes, and..." thinking, being present in the moment, the pros & cons of perfectionism, the necessity of narratives, and how all this applies to acting & instructional design. We also talk about Maria's new vocal booth, how fur babies can conquer that space, and the myriad skills that comprise voice artistry.

Our Treat of the Day concerns the Architecture of Serendipity, as seen in a 2008 article from the Harvard Crimson, and how we see it all over Club Cardinal, a project borne out of the Stanford Women in Computer Science (WiCS) Innovation Challenge to reproduce the campus as an interactive space online.

Check out http://www.mariagmarquis.com/ to learn more about Maria & her work.

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