#5 – Thinking About a Good Future


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In this episode, we invite Jon Jamieson, the Director of Media & Design at Stanford Graduate School of Business, to the café where we discuss his band's new EP, his upbringing with punk music in Santa Cruz, the transition from music to video in college, and his journey from journalism to higher education. We also talk about how his team at Stanford GSB is adapting to COVID-19, along with his new role in the Media & Design team.

Our Treat of the Day concerns 17776, the interactive, multimedia serial published online by Jon Bois through SB Nation. This speculative fiction leads to a meta-discussion about how we speculate about the future in either utopian or dystopian ways.

Check out http://www.jonjamieson.com to learn more about Jon & his work, and go to https://timespentdriving.com to listen to Jon's band's new EP.

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